This is a blog for traveling and geekery. Why is it called Gigacog, you ask? I already owned the domain and I think it's a cool name.

Now that that's out of the way, let me tell you more about what this blog is as well as a little about me.


I love to see the world. And I want to write about it. I want to provide information to help people that want to do the same, and share my experiences.

When I say see the world, I don't mean sitting on the beach outside some resort sipping on a Mai Tai. I get the appeal, but that's not what I'm interested in.

But I'm not the 20-something backpacker either. Trekking across a continent on a shoestring budget for a month or more at a time. Though I do have some envy of that level of freedom.

I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm a 30-something with a career and some disposable income. While I have some disdain for luxury travel, and look for something closer to that "backpacker" experience, I'm willing to pay more for some simple comforts such as a private room, and don't have to worry too much about a budget.

From what searching I've done, I feel like resources out there are a bit lacking for this demographic. I want to write up some travel guides and tip sheets and the like that I hope will be useful to all travelers, but those like myself in particular.

As for my traveling chops, I must admit that I'm fairly new to being a world traveler. I'm a United States citizen. I have traveled to Mexico (which I figure barely counts) and a few countries in Southeast Asia. The first place in Asia I ever went was Cambodia, and I loved it. Been traveling as much as my paid time off allows ever since.


I like computers. I'd consider myself a Linux and FreeBSD hobbyist and an open source advocate. I love programmable microcontrollers, and single board computers. I have just... too many IoT gadgets. I find losing an entire afternoon in a video game extremely relaxing. I find cryptocurrency, blockchains, and decentralized computing all very interesting.

I figure stuff I put in on those sorts of topics will end up being up guides for oddly specific combinations of things. If you follow these same kind of interests, you know what I mean. "Run v thing with w configuration via x platform on y version of z distribution". Which of course due to the nature of the beast becomes quickly outdated. But I'm going to do it anyway! I will try to update things I actively use and prune out items that are no longer relevant, though.

I enjoy most of your other common geek staples too. I consume a lot of science fiction and fantasy, but I'd say I do so at a pretty casual level.

..other things?

This is still new. The aforementioned are two big areas of interest to me but I can't say that this will be pigeonholed to those topics. Though I don't know that I want to put anything too heavy on here. Probably no sociopolitical tirades. Though, just to get it out of the way, fuck Trump.

I suppose that's the beauty of this, though. I can write about what I want. Honestly I don't figure people will "follow" it. Just specific links of relevant content that turn up on search engines and things I share on social media. Though, if I'm wrong and I do end up with regular readers... hey thanks for following! But even if not, writing out some rant for everyone to see sounds cathartic, even if it goes unread.

About me

I don't want to give away too many personal details about me. Not that it's a secret. I'll be putting links to posts on social media so I suspect a good amount of my traffic will be people that know me. I just don't see that it matters too much. A little narcissistic indulgence sounds nice though, so here's some basic things.

My tag, Melchoir, is from the role playing game Chrono Trigger. Because imagination is hard. I've been using it off and on since the internet still had that new car smell. You may notice that it's spelled incorrectly. That's a typo I was unaware of for most the time I've been using it. Now it's a combination of laziness and irony. I'm also aware that it's the name of a biblical magi, though I learned this well after the fact.

I'm a stereotypical American in a lot of ways. I work as an applications analyst which is a middle class white collar job. I live in a small suburban home and buy sensible sedans and I'm overweight (not Walmart motorized cart overweight).

I was born in the cusp between Generation X and Millennials and am for the most part a typical bleeding heart liberal.

I think I lead a bit of a charmed life. I mean, I have to go do my 9-5 and pay my bills and all of that. But I like my job. I like where I live. I have great people in my life. Outside those basic societal obligations I have very little responsibility and a lot of freedom. Life is good.