Guess I'm a blogger

Seeing as this is the first piece of content here, let's make it something beefy. I'll go through the reasoning of why this started and what I want to do here.


That whole Facebook and Cambridge Analytica debacle was the trigger for this. Though I wouldn't say it's the reason, but rather motivation to start. There's stuff I want to write about. I'll get in to that what further down, but I want to write things with more substance that can be taken in in the 20 seconds you spend looking at it below an overused meme and above a picture of your friend and their dog captioned "girls night in" or some such thing.

I have no plans of ditching Facebook. It wouldn't change what they already know about me if I did. Besides that, it's useful. It's how I keep in touch with a few people that I care to keep in touch with and have no other method of contacting. Sure, I could go try and wrangle up phone numbers or try to get them to use whatsapp or whatever, but it's not worth the hassle. It's also useful for scheduling events. But I rarely ever post to it. I do go on comment sprees from time to time, but I can give that up. So, I'll save my pictures off of there and then scrub as much personal data, posts, pictures, and the like as I can. There's the axiom that goes something like nothing on the internet can really be deleted. But hell, I'm not important enough for it to anyone to put that much effort in to it.

Besides, I'm sure I'll use it to link to things I write here. I mean, I still need to post about exotic travels. What's the point if I can't make people jealous?

Big data

Bigger picture, it's not really just Facebook is it? Facebook and similar social media platforms are unique in that so much of your information is public facing (even if you have strict privacy settings, if one other person can see it, it's public facing). But I pretty willingly let Google know a LOT about me. So does Amazon. My credit card company knows a lot from my spending habits. And many more, I'm sure. So really me throwing a tantrum and deleting a bunch of stuff from social media doesn't change the fact that I really don't have that much privacy.

Pretty disheartening, right? Sure, a bit. But I still think it's worthwhile to be aware and know what measures can be taken to limit what information you provide.

This here blog

The site title, as you may or may not have noticed (at least as of the time of this writing) is "travel and geekery". And that is the sum of it.

I travel the world. I do it up to a couple of weeks at a time, a couple of times or so, a year. Basically as I can afford to take the time off from my employer. While traveling, I meet these 20 somethings who find a job and work enough to save what they need for their next trip and move on. Part of me envies them, but I enjoy the comfort and security of my career. I think I have a niche there and I want to write about it. A blog for those with a career and some disposable income that want to spend their holiday seeing the world, rather than just staying at some easy to get to beach resort.

I'm a geek. I fiddle around in Linux and FreeBSD. I script (poorly) in python. I play with micro-controllers. I love gadgets. I enjoy games. I want to do things with that. Tutorials, guides, reviews, that sort of thing.

I will try to write things with some substance. With actual use, or at least that I find meaning in. No clickbait lists, long winded articles that don't actually say anything, or the like. But then why would I? I'm doing this because I want to. Not to try to trick you in to generating ad revenue. Which would be a trick as I won't have any ads. Oh, I'll probably do a donate button or something though. I do like money.