Travel and geeky stuff, mostly. Specifically I wish to write content that's helpful. Tips and guides and such. I'm sure the occasional musing outside of those topics will come along as well.

Now, let's touch on those two topics.


I love to see the world. And I want to write about it. I want to provide information to help people that want to do the same, and share my experiences.

I travel much in the way that backpackers do. I travel light, with only a single carry-on bag; I do everything independently (no packaged travel); I'm more interested in sights and activities as well as cultural experiences. But I differ in many ways as well. I'm in my 30's and thus older than the demographic; I can only travel for short periods of time, limited by work responsibilities and paid time off allowances; While I have some disdain for luxury travel, I have some disposable income which I'm willing to spend on some simple comforts such as not sleeping in a dorm. I also often travel solo.

There's a lot of traveling and backpacking resources on the Internet. But I feel like my particular demographic is a bit underrepresented. So I intend to write content that will be helpful to most any traveler, but specifically to those more like myself.


I like computers. I'd consider myself a Linux and FreeBSD hobbyist and an open source advocate. I love programmable microcontrollers, single board computers, and IoT gadgets. I find losing an entire afternoon in a video game extremely relaxing. I find cryptocurrency, blockchains, and decentralized computing all very interesting.

Much of what I write will be guides for oddly specific combinations of things. If you follow these same kind of interests, you likely know what I mean. "Run v thing with w configuration via x platform on y version of z distribution". Which of course due to the nature of the beast becomes quickly outdated.

I will try to update things I actively use and prune out items that are no longer relevant, though.

I enjoy most of your other common geek staples too. I consume a lot of science fiction and fantasy, but I'd say I do so at a pretty casual level.


It's a domain I purchased for a project that never really got off of the ground. But I think it's a cool domain name so I hung on to it.


My handle, Melchoir, is from the role playing game Chrono Trigger. I've been using it off and on since the Internet still had that new car smell. You may notice that it's spelled incorrectly. That's a typo I was unaware of for many, many years. Now it's a combination of laziness and irony. I'm also aware that it's the name of a biblical magi, though I learned this well after the fact.

Some quick info about me as a person: I'm an citizen of the United States of America. I only speak English. I'm male. I work as an applications analyst. I'm an atheist and a liberal.


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